Phanteks Evolv SHIFT XT (painted white)
Gigabyte X570SI Aorus Pro
Ryzen 9 5950X
Antec Katana 32GB 3600Mhz
AMD Reference 6900 XT
Team Group 2TB A440
Seasonic SPX 750w Platinum White
Noctua NF-A20
CableMod SFF Cables White

Heatkiller MO-RA3 420 FOR NOCTUA NF-A20
Watercool HEATKILLER V GPU Water Block for RX 6800/6900XT, ARGB, Nickel/Plexi
Watercool HEATKILLER IV PRO CPU Water Block, AMD CPU (Socket AM4), Acryl
Watercool HEATKILLER Tube Reservoir, 200mm
Aquacomputer D5 Next Pump
Bitspower Shining Multilink Adapter Silver 12mm
Bitspower None Chamfer Crystal Link Tube, 12mm OD, 500mm, Clear, 4-Pack
Bitspower G1/4″ Male to Female Extender Fitting, 90 Degree Rotary, Silver Shining, 4-Pack
Bitspower Bitzpower G1/ 4 in. Shining Case Top Water Fill Set Silver BP-WTP-C04
Bitspower Bitz Power G1/ 4 in. Shining Ig1/ 4 Extender 30mm Silver BP-WTP-C63
Bitspower G1/4″ to 3/8″ ID, OD 5/8″ OD Compression Fitting for Soft Tubing, CC3 Ultimate, Silver Shining, 4-Pack
Bitspower Quick Disconnect Male Fitting with G1/4″ Extender, Silver Shining
Bitspower Quick Disconnect Female Fitting with Rotary IG1/4 Extender, Silver Shining
EKWB EK-Tube Zero Maintenance Soft Tubing, 11.1/16.1mm (3/8″ ID, 5/8″ OD), 3 Meter, Black with MDPC-X sleeving on top

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