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Deathmatch 2014 was a special joint event between LAN groups GGF LAN and LAN Smash. We wanted to bring an exciting new event to Brisbane that was full of competitions, prizes, displays and much more. Spread over two full days meant we had plenty of time to schedule in competitions and give-aways. Saturday saw just over 200 gamers rock up and Sunday saw another 70 attend for a chilled Sunday gaming session. This was definitely one of Brisbane’s largest gaming events we’ve seen in a long time. We cannot thank our sponsors and attendees enough for making it such a great two days.




Deathmatch 2014 was more than a BYOPC gaming event. A unique aspect brought over from the GGF team were the sponsor displays. The main sponsored displays at Deathmatch were:



Hardwired PC Booth

The Hardwired PC guys were rocking an amazing triple screen racing sim over the two days of Deathmatch. Throughout the two days they ran best lap competitions on the brand new Grid Auto Sport. Shout out to Felix from Hardwired for making all this possible.





Asus/Cooler Master Monster PC (Featuring ROG Swift Monitor)

Another massive display on show was the Cooler Master Monster PC featuring Australia’s first Asus ROG Swift Gaming Monitor. The arrival time for this monitor was so tight, it arrived just after 7pm the night before the event. This beast of a system has been shared on Facebook all around the world. Brisbane gamers were treated with being able to see all this gear in person. Other features of this display included the new Cooler Master HAF Stacker and latest CM Storm gaming gear.





Ultimate Gaming Station

Another very popular display was the top of the line gaming station. The main focus of this display was the high end gaming peripherals from ROCCAT and the triple Asus LCD setup. New sponsor ROCCAT also provided heaps of prizes and an amazing gaming pack for the Sunday lucky door prize. Thanks guys.







 Cougar Display

New sponsor Cougar put on a great display to promote some great new products within Australia. Cougar are moving strong into the high end gaming gear with their brand new 700K Keyboard and 700M Mouse. Both of these were on display as well as a custom Cougar Gaming System. Cougar also provided Deathmatch with a heap of prizes and give-aways for the day.







Sennheiser Headset Display

Sennheiser jumped on board to provide Deathmatch with the ultimate high end headset display by providing some of their latest gaming headsets on the market. They also supported Saturday’s lucky door prize where the winner was able to choose any one of those 6 headsets.






Tesoro Gaming Keyboard Display

We tend to have plenty of keyboards on display at our events and the Tesoro display was no exception. Tesoro has some high quality gaming keyboards and we had plenty of them on display. Tesoro also sponsored the Extreme Typing Competition which was a blast. Thanks guys!










Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Set to be one of Brisbane’s largest gaming events we needed prizes, lots of them. We cannot thank our sponsors and supporters enough for providing all the prizes and give-aways for this event. Please take the time to head to the top of the page and take a look at all the sponsors we had for this event.


The Kingston head guess competition was also a popular competition we had going on the Saturday. This competition was open to everyone and all they had to do was guess how many Kingston heads were in the gigantic case. Simple!


Congratulations to Michael Francis for being the only one to guess the winning number of 210 heads. Well done.




As well as Michael, we had many other winners over the 2 days. We have never given out so many prizes before at one of our events as we did at Deathmatch. Below you can check out everyone that won a prize or 2 on the day. Well done to everyone who took home a prize.


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