About Us

Originally starting out as a LAN Party (hence the name), GGF has transformed dramatically over the years. While our gaming events still run but are less frequent, we spend most of our time working on custom mod builds, promo videos and reviews, competing in comps and event booth work. Over the past few years we’ve held plenty of LAN Parties, attended events around the work, produced an insane amount of custom builds and also competed in modding competitions both in Australia and outside of Australia.

Recently we’ve started focusing more on our YouTube channel providing video reviews for our sponsors and videos on our modding projects we do. Apart from the the events and reviews. We’ve also found ourselves very involved in the modding scene. Recently we’ve been involved with providing builds for CES, Computex, PAX Australia, EB Games expo.



GGF also relies on sponsors, whether it be for video reviews, booth exposure, prizes, custom builds, cd keys every little bit counts. Without sponsors GGF would not be able to operate. To check out all the sponsors that support GGF, please click on the link below.






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