The Monster Build

SPECS: – These are specs of the big blue Cosmos in the corner only. None of the other systems are included below
Also note that some pics are not taken together so some items may appear twice, ie the red HAF Stacker :p

Barnacules and I are battling it out for the most ultimate setup.

Asus Z9PE-D8 – Dual socket board
2x Xeon E5-2667 2.9GHZ, 3.3GHZ Turbo – 24 threads total
Intel 60GB SSD (OS)
Fujitsu 64GB SSD (Adobe Apps)
HD 7970oc custom painted Heat Killer block
HD 7750 (For extra screens)
LSI 9260-8i – Raid Card
LSI 9260-8i – Raid Card
Asus Xonar D2X
Intel Dual 10GB Copper Network adapter
Coolermaster Cosmos 2
Norco 4224
80TB of HDD space spread across Cosmos and Norco – Can copy data between Norco and Cosmos at over 1000MB/sec | can upload local network traffic at 800MB/sec per array.
Corsair HX1000 (in Norco)
Corsiar AX1200 (in Cosmos)
Chenbro 36 Port sas expander (in Norco)

Watercooling includes:

Phobya 1080 rad (on the side on a electronic arm)| 360mm rad in top of cosmos| Bitspower CPU block| Heatkiller GPU block| Koolance bay res/pump| A heap of bitspower fittings| Tygon tubing|

Can see my complete video of this build here: – Click here for Video

PC Part Picker link – Click here for link

This below PIC is how the setup currently is