GGF LAN is Queensland’s longest running gaming event. Spanning over 15 years, GGF over the last few years we’ve taken a new approach to the gaming scene. GGF is more than just a gaming event. We’ve included new features such as providing display systems supported by sponsors and providing the most up to date networking gear. GGF ensures our gamers game in the best atmosphere possible

GGF’s are run on a single day (normally a Saturday) and run 4-5 times a year. Currently GGF is sitting around the 200-300 person capacity which we wish to expand on in the future. With a wide variety of competitions, we have all day comps, 1v1 comps and non game related comps. Many competition’s that are run at GGF don’t require you to bring a PC. These are either hands on competitions or competitions where we provide the gaming machines.


GGF also relies on sponsors. Without sponsors GGF would not be able to operate. We also take sponsor promotion very seriously. To check out all the sponsors that support GGF, please click on the link below.


Recently GGF has been involved in more that just LAN events. We’ve started focusing more on our YouTube channel providing video reviews for our sponsors and videos on our modding projects we do. Apart from the the events and reviews. We’ve also found ourselves very involved in the modding scene. We recently completed 5 builds for the Asus and Cooler Master booths at PAX Australia 2014. After having our rigs at PAX we’ve had even more requests to build amazing looking systems.


More info can be found at our

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